Needs Assessment Tools for Economic Justice

9/12/2022 by Sara Wee, CSAJ Director of Research & Programs

A series of tools and reports to help you plan and conduct organizational or community needs assessments to better understand and address the top economic barriers facing survivors you serve. Download the full zip file to the right or scroll for individual docs.

  • [background reading] Achieving Economic Justice for Domestic Violence Survivors: A National Needs Assessment: Findings from a 2012 needs assessment on existing consumer rights advocacy the factors that shape professionals’ capacities to engage in these efforts
  • Economic Ripple Effect Activity: What does the economic ripple effect of violence look like for survivors in your organization and community? Use this tool to map the ripple effect and identify key institutional, services, and community barriers involved.
  • Issue Mapping Worksheet: A tool to plan organizational and community needs assessments
  • Client Case Review: When, where, and how do economic issues and barriers tend to show up in client cases? Use this tool to review and audit past/current cases through an economic lens, then strategize ways to address them as a team.

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