Racial & Economic Equity Project (REEP)

Racial & Economic Equity Project

The Legal Impact for Racial and Economic Equity of Domestic & Sexual Violence Survivors Project (REEP) is a national project, launch in 2016, that seeks to increase advocate capacity to address the racial, economic, and other structural biases that pose barriers to economic stability for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

REEP provides resources, training, and technical assistance to:

  • Focus on Systems Change Increase the advocacy community’s focus on systemic and institutional change in addition to individual advocacy
  • Energize with Effective Strategies and Stories Share resources and effective strategies for systems change/racial justice collected from the field with the field
  • Elevate Legal Frameworks for Impact Increase grantees’ knowledge/awareness about the legal realities of survivors as well as existing strategies that can create meaningful change for survivors, including racial equity approaches from the legal aid community
  • Build Collective Strategy Bring together policy, advocacy, and litigation experts to strategize opportunities for national impact advocacy to benefit survivors

Showing UP Report: How We See, Speak and Disrupt Racial Inequity Facing Survivors

Cover page of showing up report

This report is a dialogue with the field about integrating racial equity into domestic violence advocacy and program. Based on a series of seven (7) Listening Sessions, this report shares key themes, self-reflection practices, and practical tips to begin, continue, or advance domestic violence programs’ work toward racial equity for survivors.

The Report is organized in four parts:

  • How we talk about racial inequity This section centers and lifts up advocates of color who identify as survivors, with ways to amplify race equity in all our conversations
  • How we see the cumulative harm of racial bias This section illuminates the ways survivor faces racial bias and systemic barriers on multiple levels, with strategies to disrupt them
  • How we “show up” in the work This section identifies and describes “stages of engagement” that organizations may occupy – from harmful to mindful – with strategies for change
  • Doing our work This final section shares core needs, recommendations, and innovative strategies for racial equity advocacy from Listening Session participants
“It’s about inward and outward work for equity….about acknowledging the realities and centering the experiences of those most marginalized in order to make our systems and responses work better for everyone.” – Margins to Center Listening Session Participant

Get Involved

We’re expanding our racial & economic equity work in exciting new ways. Want assistance understanding your equity landscape and “doing the internal work” for equity? Contact us to discuss a range of support and partnership we and our partners can offer.

Core Resources

Here are some core tools, trainings, and reports that have been produced to date.

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International Solutions, Webinar Series A series of six webinars for grantees nationwide focused on using a race equity lens to address the systemic barriers facing survivors marginalized by race and poverty

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Showing UP Report This REEP report shares findings from a series of listening sessions and strategies for individuals and programs to “show-up” for racial justice

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Impact Sites for Racial and Economic Equity Two programs engaged in intensive community-based work to address the systemic economic barriers facing survivors of color

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Racial Impact Assessment Contact us for a tool to help communities identify and target specific equity goals