Our Work

CSAJ staff members and advocates sitting around a conference table listening to a presentation

Our Focus

The goal of CSAJ’s work is to ensure advocates, organizations, and systems are meeting the complex needs of domestic violence survivors who are living in poverty. We do this via three levels of impact:

  • We ensure that direct advocates and attorneys can meet survivors’ economic needs
  • We strengthen organizations’ capacity to meet and address economic challenges in their communities
  • We leverage the insights of advocates and programs to influence more equitable policies and systems

Work With Us!

We provide training, technical assistance, facilitate partnership building and community change, and work to build networks of “economic justice makers.” Inquire and reach out to partner, today!

See Our Work In Action

Here are some highlights of our projects and work. Click the links below to learn more or to contact us for training or to partner on economic justice initiatives.

Trainings & Conferences

In 2019, we teamed up with Lisalyn Jacobs and the Texas Council on Family Violence to discuss racial and economic equity for survivors at NNEDV’s Economic Justice Summit. Based on our REEP Project, we shared findings from Listening Sessions, our own internal and organizational work, and strategies to effect systems (and long-lasting) change

A group of CSAJ staff members and DASH advocates, representing a diverse mix of ethnicities, smiling at camera and standing close together in front of a wall covered in sticky notes.

NYC Summit on Economic Equity for Survivors

In 2021, we formed a coalition of over seven advocacy organizations and task forces in New York City to put survivors’ economic realities and demands at the center of city policymaking. Responding to longstanding and deepening economic inequities as a result of COVID-19, we will hold a summit in March 2022 to present a city wide agenda for survivors’ economic equity

Mapping Equity

From 2018-2020, we conducted a 3-part study to explore how statewide coalitions understand and address issues of equity. The findings and innovative practices from Equity Mapping, Content Analysis, and In-Depth Interviews with five coalitions were shared in a report. CSAJ Research Fellow, Kristen Mejia, presented findings at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Annual Conference.