Accounting for Economic Security

Accounting for Economic Security, An Atlas

There is no safety for survivors of domestic violence without economic security, and there is no economic security without social equality. Domestic violence can only be meaningfully addressed with a shift in the way we – direct service providers, organizations, institutions, and even policies – respond to survivors’ economic needs. This Atlas presents an approach to advocacy for survivors, which shifts the underlying goal from economic self-sufficiency to economic agency, and places the intersecting identities of survivors at the center of our work.

The Atlas

Map Book 1: Mapping the Terrain: We lay the landscape facing survivors and build the framework for intersectional advocacy in four Guideposts

Map Book 2: Navigating the Terrain: We will offer concrete guidance to help advocates navigate the current terrain, by meeting survivors’ economic advocacy needs

Map Book 3: Changing the Terrain: We will offer transformative strategies for improved institutional and policy responses to survivors’ economic advocacy needs

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Map Book #1: Mapping the Terrain: Toward a New Economic Advocacy Paradigm

The Economic Security for Survivors Atlas will be released in a series of three Map Books: Mapping, Navigating, and Changing the Terrain. In this first Map Book, we’ve gathered insights from research, practice, and survivors’ experiences to describe the landscape and articulate a framework for intersectional advocacy based on the following four Guideposts:

  • Economic hardship and poverty constrain survivors’ options for safety
  • The economic impact of domestic violence is profound and ripples throughout survivors’ lives
  • Systemic barriers impede survivors’ access to economic stability
  • Social inequality, based on one’s culture, identity and experiences, shapes survivors’ options for economic security and safety

Transforming your economic landscape

We can provide anything from one-time trainings to intensive, long-term partnership and support to your organization toward transforming the economic landscape facing survivors where you are. Contact Us for more details on how we partner with you.