ACCESS eCourse Learning Exchange on Integrating an Intersectional Anti-Oppression Approach in Advocacy

11/10/22 by Mona Muro, Camille Holmes
During this peer exchange call,  we want to increase awareness /understanding that societal and institutional barriers/burdens disproportionately (and with different levels of impact) affect people who identify as or are perceived to be LGBTQI+, disabled, black, indigenous, Latinx, people of color, immigrant, poor, etc. – And that all of us inhabit more than one identity at the same time and thus may experience differing levels and types of barriers based on our particular intersectional identities. Crafting approaches and strategies that incorporate the reality of how complex intersectional identities impact experiences of oppression, access to resources, and relationships to power.
  • Authors

    • Mona Muro
    • Camille Holmes
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