Our Work

The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice is a national expert in advocacy that reflects the complex needs of domestic violence survivors who are living in poverty. Violence leads to economic hardship, and women who are living in poverty are much more likely to experience violence. This relationship between poverty and domestic violence is at the core of our work. For more:

Current economic interventions tend to focus mostly on the individual, offering her the skills to address her “deficits.” In contrast, CSAJ approaches advocacy from the understanding that organizational and social structures present the most formidable barriers to survivors’ economic security and physical safety.

CSAJ helps advocates, attorneys, and organizations assess the whole needs of survivors, identify gaps and opportunities in available solutions, learn from and build partnerships across disciplines, and develop strategies and advocate for systems change.

Focus Areas

CSAJ roots its work in three basic pillars:

How CSAJ defines its work:


CSAJ works closely with lawyers and advocates to provide training, resources, and problem-solving assistance tailored to address individual cases as well as more broadly defined systemic needs. CSAJ accomplishes its work through: