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Employment Rights for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors

February 05, 2013

Employment rights recording

On Monday, January 14th, CRDVSI hosted the webinar, Employment Rights for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors, featuring:

While the world has seen important progress in expanding opportunity for women and girls, significant gaps remain in women’s political participation and economic opportunity. Recognizing that no country can realize its potential if half its population cannot reach theirs, President Obama issued a challenge before the United Nations General Assembly to break down barriers to women’s political and economic empowerment. In response, on September 24, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched the Equal Futures Partnership on behalf of the United States along with 12 other founding members. The goal is for women to participate fully in public life and to lead and benefit from inclusive economic growth.

As a part of the Equal Futures Partnership, the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice hosted a webinar on Employment Rights for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors featuring Bill Tamayo, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regional Attorney, and with opening remarks by Lynn Rosenthal, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women. The webinar speakers discussed:

Bill Tamayo oversees the EEOC’s litigation program in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana. Prior to joining the EEOC he was the Managing Attorney at the Asian Law Caucus, where he represented dozens of battered women in immigration proceedings. He was also a lead author of the legal memorandum for Congress that led to the passage of the “self-petitioning” provisions for battered immigrant women under the Violence Against Women Act.