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New REEP Report!

April 03, 2018

The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice is thrilled to announce the release of a groundbreaking report from our Racial & Economic Equity for Survivors Project (REEP)!

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Why racial equity and why now? Why should I read this report?

This report dialogues-back with the community that contributed to the From Margins to Center Listening Sessions. In September 2017, REEP held seven From Margins to Center Listening Sessions to facilitate dialogue across the field and gather insights on racial and economic equity for survivors. This “Showing Up” Report shares themes and issues from Listening Session conversations via text, graphics and illustrations in order to aid in self-reflection, challenge dominant narratives, support improved data collection and analysis, and to begin, continue, and advance conversations to work toward racial equity for domestic and sexual violence survivors and for all of us.

The Listening Sessions and this Report were facilitated and authored in partnership with REEP partners Women of Color Network, Inc. (WOCN), the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV), race equity consultant Camille Holmes, CDH Consulting, and Center for Survivor Agency & Justice. All REEP partners contributed meaningful perspectives to this Report.*

The voices you will hear throughout the report offer critical insights, open struggle, and calls to action, and include: advocates of color who also identify as survivors, economic justice or project specialist staff from statewide domestic or sexual violence coalitions who are people of color and aspiring white allies, and attorneys who worked in a range of contexts, including legal services, community based domestic violence organizations, and culturally specific legal programs and who are people of color and aspiring white allies.

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Listening Session participants urged more authentic engagement in both inward and outward work for racial equity.

Only by building our systems so that they work for those at multiple intersections (across ability, Native American and Alaska Native identity, race, ethnicity, language, class, gender, gender identity, immigration status, LGBTQ status) can we truly be survivor-centered.

We invite you to enter this report mindfully, to shake loose any assumptions you might have, to come open to hearing the Listening Session participants, and to help us envision what we can do to embrace and advance equity for survivors and us all.

We hope that you will continue the dialogue in your work and community and with us!

*The following individuals and organizations are partners in the Racial & Economic Equity for Survivors Project (REEP): The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Casa de Esperanza, Center for Survivor Agency & Justice, the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, the Southwest Center for Law and Policy, the the Texas Council on Family Violence, Women of Color Network, Inc., and racial equity consultants, Bill Kennedy, The Law Offices of Bill Kennedy, and Camille Holmes, CDH Consulting.