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Meet the Innovative Partnerships Pilot Projects!

April 14, 2013

As a part of the Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors Initiative, we at the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice are excited to announce the next phase of our Building Partnerships Technical Assistance activities.

Partnerships between domestic violence and consumer rights advocates and attorneys are critical to achieving the joint goals of physical and economic safety for survivors. They require purposeful cross training, networking, and sustained communication. To that end, after hearing from hundreds of consumer rights and domestic violence attorneys and advocates during our Building Partnerships Needs Assessment, we are now collaborating with four precedent-setting local organizations across the country to develop Innovative Partnerships Pilot Projects.

The Innovative Partnerships Pilot Projects are on-the-ground implementation sites focused upon collaborative approaches that enhance consumer rights for domestic violence survivors. The four project sites are:

These groups have a demonstrated history of forward-thinking strategic advocacy, strong leadership to support collaborative work, challenging but attainable project goals specific to their community’s context, and a strong dedication to building partnerships. Pilot Projects are receiving:

Stay tuned for updates about the Pilot Projects’ exciting work throughout the year!