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Join CSAJ’s Board of Directors!

September 24, 2020

Join our Board of Directors!


National nonprofit advocacy organization focused on enhancing safety for survivors of domestic and sexual violence by addressing economic, racial, and social inequity.

Organizational Description

The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice is a national organization focused at the intersection of gender-based violence, poverty, and social inequality. CSAJ envisions a world where all people have equal access to physical safety, economic security, and human dignity. We strive toward this vision by developing and promoting advocacy approaches that remove systemic barriers, enhance organizational responses, and improve professional practices to meet the self-defined needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors. A technical assistance provider to the Office on Violence Against Women, DOJ, for over a decade, CSAJ has a rich understanding of emerging issues, systemic barriers facing survivors, and best practices, stemming from technical assistance, trainings, needs assessments, evaluations, rigorous research, pilot initiatives, community organizing, systems change, and dialogue with coalitions, programs, advocates, lawyers, and survivors across the nation.

CSAJ’s Consumer Rights for Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivors Initiative enhances economic justice for survivors of domestic and sexual violence by building the capacity of and building partnerships between DV/SA and anti-poverty lawyers. CSAJ’s Race and Economic Equity for Survivors Initiative addresses the systemic economic inequities facing survivors of color. CSAJ’s Access to Justice for Survivors Project lifts up and enhances the advocacy of nonlawyer advocates in addressing the costs of domestic violence. And, CSAJ’s Accounting for Economic Security Atlas Project aims to shift the economic justice paradigm from self-sufficiency to economic agency for survivors.

CSAJ carries out its work through three Levels of Impact: 1) enhancing Individual Advocacy through training, tools and individualized strategizing with advocates and lawyers; 2) enhancing Community and Organizational responses by assessing the needs of advocates and survivors in context, and developing and implementing strategic plans responsive to those needs and opportunities to create institutional change; and 3) supporting and leading Systems and Policy change efforts that target the economic barriers facing survivors.

Job Description

The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice Board of Directors comprises leaders from the nonprofit and for-profit sector who are dedicated to the organization’s mission. Serving on the CSAJ Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about strengthening leadership and governance in the nonprofit sector.

Desired Skills and Needed Efforts

We are currently recruiting for diverse leaders with willingness to dedicate efforts to one or more of the following key strategic areas:

To apply: Email resume and letter of interest to Erika Sussman, Executive Director,