Webinar Materials: Margins to Center: A Video Dialogue & Report on Racial Equity for Survivors

by REEP Partners | January 19, 2018

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On January 18th CSAJ and Partners on the Racial & Economic Equity for Survivors Project (REEP) hosted a dialogue with From Margins to Center Listening Sessions. Throughout September, we held seven Listening Sessions in order to create a dialogue across the field to inform survivor-driven systems advocacy and practice recommendations that enhance racial and economic equity for domestic and sexual violence survivors.

Panelists included: Camille Holmes, Principal, CDH Consulting; Erika Sussman, Executive Director, Center for Survivor Agency & Justice; Lisalyn Jacobs, Legal & Policy Director, Center for Survivor Agency & Justice; Mona Muro, Policy Coordinator, Texas Council on Family Violence; Tonya Lovelace, CEO, Women of Color Network, Inc.; Zoe Flowers, Director of Survivor Programs, Women of Color Network, Inc.