Webinar Materials: Addressing Tax Issues in Family Law Cases with Survivors, Part 1

by Jamie Andree, Laura Russell, Katie VonDeLinde | November 06, 2018

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On October 10th, 2018 faculty Laura Russell, Jamie Andree, and Katie VonDeLinde presented a webinar to enhance individual survivor centered advocacy and share legal remedies and strategies to address tax issues in family law cases. They drew upon CSAJ’s Guidebook and walked through multiple case scenarios with attendees to answer the questions: 1) Why are we talking about taxes AND family law? Why do they matter for survivors? 2) What do family lawyers need to know about tax? 3) What do tax issues look like in the family law context? 4) Based on your role (advocate, family lawyer, tax attorney), what can you do to help address tax issues and other economic concerns facing survivors?