Building Partnerships for Economic Justice: A Report on CSAJ’s Innovative Pilot Projects

by Sara J. Shoener and Erika A. Sussman | November 21, 2014

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This Report details the activities and lessons learned in the first year of CSAJ's Building Partnerships for Economic Justice Pilot Projects, four on-the-ground implementation sites focused upon collaborative approaches to enhance economic and consumer rights for domestic violence survivors. After conducting a needs assessment of hundreds of consumer rights and domestic violence attorneys and advocates across the nation, CSAJ selected four precedent setting organizations with which to collaborate in developing the Pilot Projects. The four project sites are: Texas Council on Family Violence in Austin, Texas; Indiana Legal Services in Bloomington, Indiana; Women's Resource Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Columbus Community Legal Services, Catholic University School of Law, Washington, DC. The Pilot Projects are the most recent phase of the organization's Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors Initiative, a national project that seeks to enhance consumer rights for domestic violence survivors by building the capacity of and building collaborative partnerships between domestic violence and consumer lawyers and advocates.