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Featuring CSAJ’s Impact Sites for Racial & Economic Equity: Enlance Communitario and Oklahoma City Artists for Justice.


This webinar will spotlight the work of CSAJ’s latest set* of Racial Equity Impact Sites (part of the Racial & Economic Equity for Survivors Project), both community based organizations addressing the diverse cultural needs of survivors: Enlace Comunitario (Albuquerque, NM) and Oklahoma City Artists for Justice (Oklahoma City, OK). The purpose of working with the current Impact Sites is to mesh racial equity theory with practice– to fortify the organizations’ equity work by offering strategies that aid in analyzing and targeting systemic barriers facing survivors.

The Impact Sites will talk about their challenges, context and concrete tools for responding to systemic bias, unequal access to resources, building community partnerships and more. Webinar attendees will engage in dialogue with the Impact Sites about how to approach the work in their own context.

Participants will walk away:

*Since 2012, CSAJ has collaborated with demonstration sites to describe and lift-up cutting-edge projects and advocacy approaches, generate new ideas, and explore the factors that produce meaningful outcomes for survivors.


Juliann Salinas & Marta Pereira, Enlace Comunitario

Grace Franklin, Oklahoma City Artists for Justice

Facilitated by Lisalyn Jacobs, CSAJ Legal & Policy Director