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On March 30th, 2016 CSAJ Expert Advisor, Katie VonDeLinde, and CSAJ partner, Purvi Shah from Women of Color Network, Inc., addressed the question:

What does it take for organizations to effectively implement survivor centered economic advocacy?

The goal of this webinar is to place the principles of survivor centered economic advocacy (SCEA) into organizational context and to provide tools and case examples to aid you in tailoring SCEA principles to your particular organizational setting.

Survivor centered economic work cannot be effective without the organizational support and capacity to sustain it. Past CSAJ webinars have focused upon SCEA in the context of individual advocacy. This webinar will dig deep into organizational SCEA in order to support, build, develop or grow effective survivor centered advocacy practices in your context. Participants will learn the principles of SCEA, engage with evidence regarding the effectiveness of SCEA, and look at case examples of SCEA in an organizational context. We will explore what makes an effective survivor centered organization including:

Participants will receive hands on tools and real case examples to use for engaging your own community and organization in doing effective SCEA work.

This webinar is for LAV, Rural, and STOP OVW grantees, as well as all other nonprofit service providers who work to enhance advocacy for survivors of domestic violence.